In This Moment - Culture Rock

In This Moment

Perhaps one of the most eclectic bands to see live. In This Moment's visual stimulation coupled with unparalleled sound demonstrates what a very strong...
Alice Cooper - Culture Rock

Photos from the Alice Cooper European Tour

Photos by Lenn Kralt
Y&T - Culture Rock

Y&T Euro Tour Pics

Photos by Lenn Kralt  
Butcher Babies - Culture Rock Magazine

Butcher Babies

The Butcher Babies … The name sounds brutal, their assault on the stage pretty much sums it up. I’m not sure if there’s another female...


Thor Retrospective and Interview with the Mighty Rock Warrior: By: Lucy Hall with CULTURE ROCK MAGAZINE The Standard, Commercial Definition of a Rock Star: A type...
Thunderstick - Culture Rock Magazine


Thunderstick Retrospective and Interview with the Man behind the Mask, Barry Graham Purkis: By: Lucy Hall with CULTURE ROCK MAGAZINE Barry Graham Purkis, the virtuoso drummer...
Suzi Quatro - Culture Rock Magazine

Suzi Quatro Interview

Suzi Quatro Retrospective and Interview with the Glycerine Queen: By: Lucy Hall with CULTURE ROCK MAGAZINE The world of rock and roll is definitely not just...

Louder Than Life

Louder Than Life 2017 ( Sept. 30 & Oct 01 2017 Champions Park Louisville, KY To say I was looking forward to Louder Than Life would have...
Scorpions - Culture Rock

The Scorpions

The Scorpions Well, what can I say … I’ve had the pleasure to photograph one of the most iconic rock bands of all time! The...
Scott Stapp - Culture Rock

Scott Stapp

Everyone remembers the day when Creed took to stage and wowed the world into frenzy and breaking the rules by bringing a Christian message...